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 Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja

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Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja Empty
PostSubject: Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja   Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja Icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 1:02 pm

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Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja   Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja Icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 4:51 pm

Feedy, niggas.

-Juicy, good heel work with the crowd. Adam, not so much, though you only need one guy to really talk while the other one just looks intimidating, which was the case here.
-So Jeff came out and did... nothing. Way to get a crowd behind you, man. Also, shaving off your beard makes me like you less.
-Y'all niggas need to do the Corporation stance like the Crane Kick from Karate Kid.
-LOLZ, Juicy, you acted just like me in that opening spot. F'reals, it was like watching a video of me from one of our garage shows.
-Mikee and Juicy, good job on not acting like partners as wrestler and ref. Kayfabe be damned, it's all about the match.
-Ninja had a nice sidewalk slam backbreaker.
-Who does snapmares on the left?
-Juicy, it makes no sense for you to have taken such a big stiff kick and then immediately attack Jeff once he was tagged in. Let him come to you, especially if he is gonna hit the next spot.
-Nice German, boys. Good dropkick too.
-Again, who the fuck does snapmares on the left?
-Ninja's second stiff kick, not so mean.
-I thought Adam tripped him instead of the tarp ripping. Or was it both?
-Man, it's hard to pull off tag matches well in such a small place with such a small base.
-Mike, interject yourself as the ref. Throw their asses outta there!
-Those torso/stomach kicks on Jeff were super mean.
-The psychology here is astoundingly bad. No continuity.
-Yep, we do arm wringers on the right arm nowadays.
-Senseless brawling, with the heels always getting the best of the faces. Not entertaining.
-GOOD senton, Juicy.
-Somebody make some noise. Keep the crowd behind you. A dead crowd means a dead match.
-Dickish knees to the neck by Juicy, but they looked damn good.
-So it appears that Ninja does nothing but strikes and some WWE moves. Ugh...
-Just noticed that Jeff and Juicy are both wearing black and blue. Try not to wear the same colors in a match unless you're tagging, otherwise it just looks weird.
-More heel domination? Guys, these faces look like shit because you're not letting them shine. Like at all. Seems kinda shoot...
-Ninja did good keeping a hold of Juicy instead of just letting him fall. G'job.
-Shoot kicks this late in the match, unless tied to a spot, are pretty lame.
-That's not how you do a high and low, yo. The dudes attacking the legs come from behind the guy, not in front. This is just a good way to pop someone's knee out of socket.
-Adam, make sure you have a strong base before you put on leg submissions. Falling over is one of the most embarrassing things.
-Weak finish because it was a pretty weak match. All heel work, no chance for the faces to do anything.
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Adam Black & JCJ vs El Jefe & The Ninja
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