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 DOA MOTY canidate

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PostSubject: DOA MOTY canidate    DOA MOTY canidate  Icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 8:37 pm

- Black, got the face monster gimmick going for him pretty well.
- Great opening brawl, it adds to the feud.
- Good uppercut.
- Shine? Aim for middle of the base.
- This is some heel shine Adam. Play to the crowd a little to cover it up and get the crowd behind you kicking Mikee's ass.
-Decent cut off and decent bump on scissorkick
- Great fist drop, the height really made it work for me.
- Leg submissions on bigger guys sucks so much.
- Good, the power out sells Adam's size advantage.
- Looks like Mikee was really hurt really should check on him. Use knee closest to Mikee for hiptoss backbreaker. The backbreaker/flatliner was sooooo good.
- Good fire up from Mikee and great knee attack.
- Go to knee was fine.
- Nice kicks from Adam
- Good headkicks from Mikee to double down
- Mikee recovers first, good, Adam counters and goes to comeback.
- Good build to the spear which looked beautiful by the way.
- Good cut off with the RKO for falsey
- Lovely superkick cut off, the falsies are ridiculous in this match! Are you sure this isn't the blow off match of the feud?
- Kick exchange should have been to Adam since he's bigger, good slam spot.
- OMG on the snapmare driver for the double finish, perfect way to end the match and leave them wanting more. Plus you guys didn't hit your big finishes, double stomp and cattle mutilation, which means you have something for the big one!
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DOA MOTY canidate
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