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 DOA Wrestling Oct. 29th 2011: Tomato Juice vs Jeff Steeples & The Ninja (Sub-Zero)

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PostSubject: DOA Wrestling Oct. 29th 2011: Tomato Juice vs Jeff Steeples & The Ninja (Sub-Zero)   Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:47 am

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PostSubject: Re: DOA Wrestling Oct. 29th 2011: Tomato Juice vs Jeff Steeples & The Ninja (Sub-Zero)   Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:48 pm

Steeples needs more strength in his "Come On!," he's got the song, needs presense.
Lol, you guys still have my facemasks.
Decent tie-up, needs a little more impact.
JCJ's strikes were good, but give Steeples some room to sell by letting go of his head. Steeps, little higher on the chest please on that clothesline.
Steeps selling his Big Will injury, BEST!
Good JCJ, work that leg, and stop the right-sided headlock.
Digging that leg lock, could use a little cleaner setup.
Great kicks from Juicy!
Bad double team, Steeps sandbagged JCJ then Mikee got no impact.
Keep at that leg, good, Steeps, sell towards the camera and traditionally one back bumps the chop block.
Okay senton, no needs a little set-up.
DQ for kicks? What!?!?!? Tommy must have been really scared by my educated feet.
Much better tag team move and good lariat.
SubZero, when he pushes you, you need to get in the ring so the ref will turn his back on the heels so they can cheat behind his back.
Poor man's set up on the single leg boston crab.
SubZero needs to get in there when both heels are in there and the ref needs to hold him back.
Heels tag first of hot tag so there's a second of apprehension before the faces tag.
Decent fire up by SubZero, but try to bump them three times and no chaining.
Steeps, you need to be in there to help your tag partner and get held back if needed.
Love the idea of the back suplex from crippler crossface, but juice needed to help out a little more or SubZero needs to man up and deadlift his ass.
No build to triangle choke.
the ref was actually distracted on a low blow? Sweet. And good tag team work to get SubZero out of his corner.
Magical fire-up? Oh, legdrop thing, needs more build. Take your time in getting up. Let Mikee taunt and tease a move before you counter.
A Push, really, its past the hot tag. Attacking Steeps is Juicy's job in my opinion, but as long as JCJ is beating down SubZero its okay.
Looks like JCJ missed a spot OR Mikee.SubZero needed to take a little more time and let JCJ get over there.
SubZero needed to tag out here, let Steeps get some fire and let SubZero heal.
Way to get in there Steeps and stop the double team.
Mikee should have gotten punched on the senton, which was missed. Mikee, your small enough to just land on people and Steeps is a big man.
Good combo from JCJ.
Steeps needs to hobble a little more.
JCJ needs a little better set-up but the finish was fine, the most selling SubZero's done the whole match which is kind of silly because that means that combo JCJ did was more powerful than the entire heat SubZero took earlier in the match.
SubZero needs a better finisher than that.
Steeps, NO kicking with the right because that means your weight is on your worked leg. At least you hobbled a little.
That brawl wasn't well done, SubZero should have taken out both JCJ and Mikee.

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DOA Wrestling Oct. 29th 2011: Tomato Juice vs Jeff Steeples & The Ninja (Sub-Zero)
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